Review Policies

The genres I will review are {Adult, New Adult and YA}:
~ Paranormal
~ Science Fiction
~ Fantasy
~ Dystopian
~ Contemporary
~ Historical Fiction
~ Occasionally I might review middle grade or children's books.

If you would like to send me a book to review, I would like to know:
~ Author name
~ Book title
~ Genre
~ Adult, New Adult, YA, Middle Grade or Children's
~ Book description/synopsis

The reviews I write are honest reviews.  By sending me a copy of your book, you are not buying a good review.  I will be as polite as possible if it contains material I did not enjoy.  I will read it in a timely manner, I will post the review as soon as it is finished.  My reviews are posted here, on Ramblings of a Reader, and on Goodreads.

If you send me a book I absolutely do not like due to slow plot, dull characters or bad writing, I will politely not review.  I do not want to give any authors bad publicity.  If a review is insisted, I will post it on Goodreads, but I won't post it here on my blog.

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