Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So, I know a while ago I said I wanted to start a blog that was a review-style blog. And this is it. I've found myself reading a LOT (what's new?), and this is my way of sharing some of the good, the bad and the "eh, I guess that one was okay". Oh, and we can't forget the "Oh my goodness, I would read that every second of everyday until my eyes hurt and feel as if they are going to shrivel up out of my head because I'm not blinking." Those ones are always great (good way to get me rambling... ha ha!). This is just my first post introducing you to my blog. I might post about books I've read in years past, but probably just if I read them again. I'm going to try to get a wide variety of books on here, but honestly, I probably won't. I really love fantasy books, and tend to lean more towards Young Adult (fewer "why are they taking their clothes off?!?" situations). If I have time today I will hopefully get my first review on here. There could be a good deal of spoilers in my reviews, and I'll let you know beforehand in the post if there is.

Oh, and I'm not sure, but I might review other things on here as well...

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