Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sometimes never is better than late

Just want to say sorry if my last few reviews have seemed really lame or kind of half-done.  Most of the books that I'm catching up on in here were read months ago and, due to reasons I won't get in to {and computer avoidance}, they were never written.  I swear, I'll get better at that.  Really, I will.  And, instead of doing summaries of the books like I did before, this is going to be much more opinion based.  Hopefully you all will enjoy the opinion-based reviews, and I will continue to let you know when I'm going to write something that's a big spoiler, but I'll just try to stay away from those altogether.  In the meantime, I just want to say I have a list of about 50 books that I own to read {although, some of them I know I'll get started with and not like, so I'm sure that list will go by fast}.  Here are a few of the books on my shelf/in my library that I'm looking forward to reading:

And this is what I'm reading now:

Oddly enough, the two I'm looking forward to reading sound kind of similar... {oh, and blogger just took about 7 tries with each picture to post them... yikes!}

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