Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why I love YA

As part of a giveaway on Beth Revis' blog, she asks us to say why we love YA.  Honestly, this all sprang from one little book, prior to which I pretty much solely read classic literature and christian romantic fiction {mainly historical fiction}.  Then I read Twilight {yep, Twilight}.  That sparked my interest for the paranormal YA genre, which just kind of grew.  I do enjoy the ease of reading that YA usually brings {especially since most of my reading is done during work breaks or at night after I get off work and before I go to bed}.  The nice part about YA?  Despite what a lot of people think, the various genres under this broad umbrella still do make very enjoyable reads for adults {maybe because they're mostly written by adults?}.  I've noticed the ones I really don't enjoy are the ones written by teenagers.  YA also tends to have more humor in their paranormal/fantasy/scifi fiction than their adult counterparts, and I like it when the books I read aren't too serious.  I read to escape, and if what I'm reading is too much like a normal life, well, I really don't escape do I?

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