Sunday, June 12, 2011

I {heart} bookstores

If you read my other blog, then this is going to sound very familiar to you.  Since two of my favorite bookstores closed down by my house {oh, Borders, I wish you wouldn't have had to file bankrupcy!}, I really haven't gone to a bookstore... in a long time.  I've been ordering books online from Amazon {they're usually almost half price on there}.

I've been wanting to just go to a bookstore to browse the shelves and smell the paper... so today my dear friend and I went to the local used bookstore and wandered around the tall, close shelves, surrounding ourselves with books of all kinds.  I love it.  They even have some ARCs there, but almost all of them are already released.  *Interesting fact: I randomly picked up Nightshade from them when I was getting rung up, only to find that it wasn't released for another month... and I still haven't read it!  I need to get on that.*

My finds today?

A nice hardcover copy... I'm a sucker for hardcovers.

My MIL loaned me her copy of the sequel to this book, and I've been putting off reading it because I wanted to read them in order {unlike what I did with Francine Rivers' Mark of the Lion trilogy... read the last one first, then the first and second.}.

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