Monday, September 12, 2011

Borders, gone for ever

But always in our hearts.  Or, in my case, downstairs in my new little library!  Yes, that's right - I have two of Borders' bookshelves secured downstairs in my house.  And almost full!  They look really wonderful, and now my books are out of boxes and no longer double stacked in my pretty bookshelf upstairs.

Glen getting everything ready to go up.

All up and secured!

The pups likes to think she helped, but she mostly just got in the way and looked cute.

All up with the shelves in place

Two of the shelves have the Sci Fi labels from Borders

Yes, another shelf has a label on it as well!

About 2/3 of the books that need to go into the shelves

Putting the books away {categorized and alphabetized}

Almost done!

And done!  There's still plenty of room for more, by the way...

Its nice to know I'll always have a bit of that bookstore in my home, plus it makes for a great place to store all my books {minus the ones in my dark bookshelf}.  All of the Borders stores anywhere near my house are officially closed as of yesterday {sad, because I thought one was open still... and went there today}.  Its a little bittersweet, seeing those shelves downstairs.

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