Saturday, September 8, 2012

What I've been reading {mini reviews}

Since I've been gone and haven't written any reviews, I wanted to update everyone on what I've read during that time {and possibly do wee little bitty reviews... or at least say if I liked them ;-)}:

The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead.  Yep.  I finally read all of them, and they were SO good.  I almost went out and bought Bloodlines and The Golden Lily that day, but with prepping for Baby {ie buying tons of stuff because its cute or "we might need this" and/or missing work because I'm so tired or nauseous} I reminded myself that the Hubs and I just really don't have that kind of money laying around anymore.  So I've been hitting up my local library for some good reads.  One of which I will need to write a review for, because I just loved it!:
Jodi Meadows is a brilliant author, and Incarnate is right up there with Brightly Woven for me.  Absolutely loved it.  And I'm so happy that, unlike Brightly Woven, this is not a stand alone!  Now to have patience until the next one comes out...

I also finally found myself picking up Aimee Carter's first two books in the Goddess Test trilogy {one from Half Price Books, and the other from the library}.  Great reads, very quick {which was so bad in this case, because I really loved them!}.  I loved the characters and how they portrayed each of their Greek counterparts so faithfully {also the fact that Henry tends to talk a little more old-fashioned makes it seem much more like he is from another time}.  Now I just need to get my hands on the two little novellas to attempt to tide me over until the last one comes out!

Another subject I attempted to love was that of angels.  The book Halo completely turned me off to them.  I know some people {bloggers} who loved that book, and good for them.  I think most every author deserves to have people love their books.  Two books that made me really love angels were ones with angels not quite as we think of them:
This was a great find!  Scott Speer is a wonderful writer and he made it realistic to think of angels "coming out" and being known in the world in Immortal City.  It was a little hard to wrap my head around at first {and I was still being skeptical of the topic of angels in the first place}, but he did good.  And there are some shockers in this book like you wouldn't believe.  Way to keep us readers on our toes!

Branded by Keary Taylor was the last book I read.  Again, an angel book.  I actually got this free for my Kindle a while back, and just now picked it up to read {I honestly really just love reading actual physical copies of books so much better}.  The story line itself promised to bring in a whole new kind of angel to my world, which was promising in and of itself.  I wasn't disappointed.  I loved Jessica and Alex like you wouldn't believe, and I kept cheering for them to win and discover a way for her to stop having her nightmares.  And Cole... well, I knew who he was from the beginning ;-)... I think this one is only $.99 right now for Kindle, and the next two are pretty inexpensive as well.

I'm hoping to write full reviews for a couple of these, so be on the lookout for that.  And, guys, I am finally going to be posting a giveaway very, very soon!  I feel like such a bad blogger, but when it comes down to reading the books or reviewing them, I'm going to read.  Also, growing a baby is life-draining work!  I'm attempting to finally be productive and pregnant ;-).

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