Friday, August 9, 2013

A little miffed

A while ago {February 2012} I won a book on Goodreads... I've won a few off of there {yay Goodreads!}, and this is the first one I never received.  Long story short, the giveaway was for WAY too many copies of a book that wasn't even finished yet.  {Said book has now been re-written and has an e-copy published.}  The author kept telling us that "it will be headed your way soon!" and then would go silent for months.  After the umpteenth time contacting her and hearing the same not-so-reassuring "soon" this last July, I found it on Amazon, free for the Kindle.

Now, understanding that putting 1000 physical copies up for a giveaway would be hard for pretty much any author to fulfill, why would someone do that?  I kind of just figured she was trying to get people to buy the first book or getting them to donate for printing of the others the author was planning on publishing, but after a while she pretty much just disappeared.... anyway, here is my dilemma: Since I'm still kind of frustrated about the whole thing, I'd probably be reading the book with a kind of bias mindset, and I don't want to not enjoy something I'm reading {although it sound like something I would really like, hence the reason why I entered to win... the whole 1000 copies just gave me higher odds of winning}.  So... do I just put this on the back-burner and wait to stumble across it in 5 years on my Kindle {she claims she'll be sending those of us who asked physical copies, but I'm pretty sure that will never happen}?

Meh, I think I just answered my own questions... Just wondering, has anyone else been having issues with Goodreads giveaways {and authors not actually giving away the promised books}?  The 3 other ones I won I received promptly and wrote reviews for {two of them are just on Goodreads, not the blog}.  Also, if you know who the author is and comment on this, please don't leave her name.  I'd rather not have it attached to this, that way if someone else stumbles across her books and reads them it won't cloud their judgement either way.


Addicted2Heroines said...

You've won 4 books from Goodreads?! I can't ever win anything there! And I'm certain I've never seen a giveaway for 1000 books.

Sorry you were cheated out of what you won.

Kari said...

Yeah, 4 books! {Including the one I never actually got} But the last one I won was also over two years ago, because I haven't been able to win anything since that last one, because I haven't marked it as "received" yet, since I still haven't gotten it!