Monday, October 14, 2013

New cover! And a giveaway!

Okay, so you know how I've been kind of fangirling over Trinity Faegen's Mephisto books {you know, here, here, here, here and here}?  You know, Mephisto Covenant, Mephisto Kiss and, most recently, The Mephisto Mark?  Well, I guess not everyone feels the same way about them as I do {seriously guys?  Why ever not?  They're awesome!}... Long story short, the amazingly awesome cover {which you can see here} wasn't fairing so well {it is a New Adult book, and has New Adult themes}, so Trinity {aka Stephanie} revamped it and put it under her actual name {seeing as she has a pretty good fan base under that name}.  I know, stop jabbering, and show us, dang it!  Here you are:

Wowzers!  I know, kinda steamy... but, you have to remember: New Adult.  And it is kinda steamy at some parts.

Okay, now the giveaway part.  Stephanie has a giveaway going on her blog here.  Its for a $100 Amamzon or B&N gift card!  How about another "Wowzers!" for that one?

Lets help try to get the word out!  Its a pretty fabulous book {series, really, because the first two, which are YA, are amazing as well}.  So, go add this book on Goodreads {its still under the previous title}, like her Facebook Page {under Trinity Faegen still}, Tweet about this... you know, just in general, be awesome *winks*.

Seriously, I hope you guys pick these up... check them out at your local library, and you'll find that you love them so much you just HAVE to have them in your own personal library!

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