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August Moon by Tammy Morea | Review

Title: August Moon
Author: Tammy Morea
Goodreads rating: 3.83 stars
Published: June 2014
Source: Paperback/From author for review


What do you do when the one who broke your heart, is the only one who can fix it?

There is nothing in this world stronger than the powerful emotion of being in love.

Except, maybe the paralyzing pain of a broken heart.

Moving to a small unfamiliar beach town in the summer before her senior year of high school is really going to suck. Raven, a black haired beauty, from a well- off family was certain about that. Miserable in her circumstance’s, nothing could convince her otherwise, until Raven meets Quinn, a local with a love for surfing and a bad reputation to go with it. Despite the very different worlds they live in, their desire for each other is undeniable. Raven’s fears and misery start to vanish as she and Quinn fall deeper and deeper into each other.

But things change drastically when Raven is unknowingly used as a pawn, in a turn of disastrous events, caused by Quinn’s older brother.

The events that follow could silence Raven’s heart for eternity and completely destroy what’s left of Quinn’s soul.

August Moon is a captivating story of young love.

Bringing two unlikely hearts together.

Only to be shattered by one tortuous decision.

Putting these star-crossed lovers on course for the ultimate challenge of forgiveness.

The whole idea of young love lasting and being something to fight for had me excited to read this book.  The beginning was good, and I really enjoyed the writing style of the author {a good mix of descriptive and conversational writing}.  However, that sadly did not last {yes, it was sad, because from the snippets I though I would have an entirely different feel towards this book}.

The story starts with and follows Raven, who's been moved from the city to a nice beach town with her family right before her senior year in high school.  She has some family out there, including a cousin her age, which helps her settle in a little easier.  Raven is confident and sure of herself, although she does have a little bit of insecurities {which most teenage girls do, am I right?}.  She ends up meeting Quinn shortly after arriving, and has a strong pull towards him.

This is where the book started to lose me - if you know me, I don't believe in "love at first sight".  I never have; you can have lust at first sight {strong attraction to the physical aspect of the person}, but you don't know them enough to actually love them.  Well, this is a love at first sight story, which I'm okay with for fiction so long as it actually blossoms into something that I would consider love.  While reading, I never really got the sense that Raven and Quinn were more than infatuated {albeit a very, very strong infatuation... the kind that makes it so they will try to stay together no matter what}.  Yes, they were incredibly infatuated with each other, wanting to spend every second with each other like young lovebirds do, which is sickeningly sweet.  They're the couple that everyone says "aw, you guys are so cute - get a room!"

The relationship of Raven and Quinn reminded me a lot of an awful one that I was in when I was younger - "knowing" you're in love, yet a lot of things would have any observer saying "you really shouldn't be together.  That relationship is not good."  The reason I say this is because of how easily Quinn would go off at Raven about something {jealously because another guy was looking at her too long or a male family friend [who also likes her] giving her a hug}, and Raven would come back and reassure Quinn about her undying love for him {which was very unrealistic since they'd only known each other for maybe two weeks at the most}.  So, my review and reaction to this book might be a little bias.

The book does take an interesting twist towards the end that had me wanting to know what happens next, although not quite why you would think.  I won't say anything about it, as I don't want to ruin it for anyone!

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It's awful. Terribly edited and elementary grammatical errors are rampant. I can't believe no one else is commenting on this ignorant piece of crap don't bother. Waste of money